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Client Reviews

Aloha Pools Client Reviews:

“I would strongly suggest that if you need any pool maintenance and/or remodeling, call Tom Tatosian at Aloha Pools. It was a pleasure working with Aloha Pools and their crew. They did an excellent job on my pool at a very reasonable price. Tom did a little thing during my remodel that really impressed me. He noticed I needed a new pressure valve on my pool filter so he replaced it without adding any dollar amount to the original quoted contract. Tom Tatosian and Aloha pools have a new customer for life. Thank you for a job well done!” Bill Malatesta

“Based on our experience with Tom, owner of Aloha Pools, we would recommend him to anyone who desires a high quality pool. Our experience with the pool building process has been pleasant and the resulting pool is exactly what we expected we would get.  Our pool has been in for a couple months and we are enjoying it more than words can express. It has been a complete dream!!” Tony & Amber Reid

“Our experience with Aloha Pools has been very positive. From the beginning when we were getting quotes from the owner, Tom, he was prompt with the estimate and has been helpful with decision-making and timely with every stage of the entire building process.  The sub-contractors he has on his team were all polite, prompt and neat. We were especially impressed with his handling of the initial permit. Aloha Pools took one day because Tom went down to the city office and had it signed instead of sending it in to be added to a pile. Should we move and build another pool we will certainly use Aloha Pools." David & Maria Derminio

“I can’t tell you happy I am with the pool!!!!! I also can’t believe how efficient that pump is at the 750 RPM setting. It uses less than a 100 watt light bulb! When the house is done, I will have a party to show it off and I hope the whole staff from Aloha Pools can attend!!! Thanks again." Chris H.

“Now that the pool is complete, we feel extremely fortunate that we chose Tom and Aloha Pools. Right from the beginning design phase, all the way through to the final cleanup, we received nothing but first-class service that would be difficult to match. Tom’s amazing design skills combined with his attention to detail make his organization a first-class operation. We received updates throughout the process and kept informed of changes. After all was said and done, we consider the service, design-work and workmanship, we feel we got an incredible pool with Tom.” Chris & Terri Verity

“My family and I would like to say “Thank You” for all you have done for us now and in the past. The pool you built for us in Scottsdale was a joy and the highlight of our backyard. The renovation of the old pool at our new house is sensational. We look forward to building another pool with you when we move into our new custom home. We also want to express our gratitude for your continued service, insight and communication – something that is rare these days. We wish you nothing but continued success!” J. Stone

“Aloha Pools designed and built this pool. They took it from architect rendering to completion and startup. Since the pool is elevated out of the ground and flush with the second level, this included some extensive engineering to deal with the hydrostatic loads. I really appreciate the hands-on way Tom does his pools. He was there every step of the way to insure that all aspects of the design and construction were done properly, on-time and within budget. I would definitely use Aloha Pools on my pool construction project.” Bob, Scottsdale, Arizona

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